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Let's Make Yourself A 2017 Calendar Girl


This coming year of 2017, make yourself a calendar girl! 

If you don't know it already, we just had a client, an everyday woman like you and me made it to the cover page on Ink magazine and that empowered so many other women in significant ways! I want you to be that person, I want you to know that you are worth celebrating, I am pumped about it and decided to throw a "Let's Make Yourself the 2017 Calendar Girl" promotional event this coming December.

Those who participated will get an hour calendar girl boudoir photo session with me, plus a super pretty BRASS EASEL + 2017 MONTHLY CALENDAR filled with your 12 favorite images that you will get to enjoy all year round. Just think about seeing yourself in new light every month, this would be the most inspiring gift you could gift to yourself. To top it all, you will also receive the digital files (printable up to 4" x 6") that you could share with your closest friends. All for $400! 

Doing this calendar girl boudoir session with me is a great way to boost your confidence and you will be reminded of how beautiful you really are. Plus, you can even make it a surprise gift for your significant other in this coming holiday season!

I want you to know that mini package is not something that I usually do but I am doing it this time for you to get a taste of how it feels like to be comfortable in your own own skin and be proud of it!!! I want all women to be able to do this! Contact me ASAP to book a session. A non-refundable deposit of $300 is required to secure a time slot. 

Photo shoot date: December 3rd (Saturday) and 4th (Sunday)

Photo shoot time: 

Venue: Sandy Hong Photography Studio in Overland Park

Click on the time slot that works best for you to reserve!  

Update: Sold out



We are on ink magazine KC!


Look whose work is on the cover page of Ink magazine KC!! I had the opportunity to work with Caitlin Cress, a reporter from Ink on a boudoir story she was putting together.

The issue came out this week and I was flattered by how everything turned out. If you haven’t already I would suggest you to take some time to read about it. Also really appreciate my clients Renee and Michelle for sharing their incredible boudoir experience!


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Hey, chew on this pretty


Okay so last week on my social media accounts I posted this picture and asked you to help me pick your favorite place for photos because I couldn't decide on it myself. I originally wanted to pick just one but I ended up loving two. I think that's justified since I had quite a few evil friends that suggested multiple ones too.

My final choices were 2 and 4. I liked 2 for its decor, and much needed sophistication for photos. I liked 4 because of its giant windows, I ruff light, lot's of natural light! So I started to contact the owners. Results? Owner of 2 will be out of town therefore he declined. 4? Got booked the night before! Bummer! So I prayed to the old gods and the new (still doing Game of Thrones marathon so forgive me for all the references :p) to find a place that looks as similar to 2 and 4. At that point of time I still would not consider 1 and 3 because 2 and 4 were what I wanted! Stubborn like a goat...

After two days of searching, my wish was granted! I found a space similar to 2, so similar that I think they had the same designer. So I bit my lips and have it BOOKED! 

It's a place to die for. The decor, the possibility, the comfort, the convenient access to food (There is a hawker center nearby according to my little birds' whispers). Sauna, pool, gym, I imagine that will be helpful after a busy day. Juliet, my BFF will be joining me for a sleepover. It's so perfect. I am done worrying. For now. Off to finish the rest of Game of Thrones Season 6 !



Frilly tulle skirt ideas


EeeeK! I ordered this frilly tulle skirt from Zara and it's going back to Malaysia with me for the boudoir and beauty photoshoot! I like to pamper my clients, I often buy outfits for shoots so that my ladies have more wardrobe choices. So this skirt, I think, will make a statement if you match it with some bold sexy tops; It can also be cute and fun if you choose to go for that crop top messy bun look; I also like it when paired with a slouchy drop-shoulder knitwear as it will give you a feminine look with a subtle hint of sexiness. 

So happened YX was stuck in Georgia yesterday so I had the whole night to myself to come up with some ideas on how you could wear this frilly tulle skirt. (If you have snapchat, check me out at sandihong, I actually had a quite lonely, sympathetic night.)

When planning for outfits, it's important that you know you do not need 20 pieces of outfits for 3 looks that you are doing. You only need a few essential pieces, then swap them out one at a time for a new look. That way your pictures will have similar mood.  Have fun planning! 


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Malaysia boudoir and beauty photoshoot, August 27th & 28th


The details are here. This time in Malaysia I won't be photographing my friends with their babies or my friends with their spouses, I will be photographing YOU, my lady friends.

I am bringing you a boudoir and beauty portrait experience lead by myself, together with a women only crew (photographer assistant + hair and makeup artist).

Whether you want to do this for yourself or as a special gift for your partner, I promise you an experience that will be entirely different from any photo shoots you have done. There will be a makeover, you will look beautiful, you can forget about all the insecurities you feel about yourself while we have fun shooting great photos. Of course, I will guide you through the session. By the time it ends you would be so glad that you did it and you will have a collection of photos to remind you what an amazing woman you are.

Be Bold. Be Gorgeous. Be Cute. Be Real. Be Daring. Be Sexy As Hell. 

Whatever you want to be, we will make it happen this August. I can only offer six spots, and one is already taken as I am writing this. Act quick if you would like to secure a spot for yourself, everything that you need to know is written below.

"Where will it happen?"
— In studios I rent specifically for this shoot, reasonable driving distance within Klang Valley area.

"When will it happen?"
— August 27th (Saturday) and 28th (Sunday). Pick a date that best fits your schedule.

"How many spots are available? "
— A total of six spots split into two days.

"Do I have to prepare anything?"
— A few outfits that you would like to wear for the shoots, heels and accessories, depending on the style you wished to be photographed in.

"Do I need to do my own hair and makeup?"
— No, we will take care of that.

"Will you keep my photos private?"
— I value your privacy and will not share your photos unless I have your consent.

"What's included in the package?"
 — My time and talent, venue, hair and makeup makeover, photo book, digital files, all for RM1200. Best part? I believe in payment plan. 

*Please don't ask me for discount. I could instead ngan ngan geok at home, go dim sum with my family or go gai gai with YX. I value my Malaysia vacation. :)

"When will I get to look at my photos?"
— It will take me four to six weeks after the session to have the photos ready for your viewing since I will not have access to my photo editing software until early September plus I will have multiple sets of photos to process.

"Can I share this photoshoot information with my friends?"
— Yes, I appreciate that. Please have them mention your name when they contact me.

Hesitate no more if you are still on the fence. How often do you encounter an opportunity like that, a women's photographer who also happen to be your friend. This may sound uncomfortable to you, this may sound foreign to you, if you take the leap you will have my full support and I will tailor make you an experience you will treasure for a lifetime. 

Habis cerita, go fill up that form!



Fired up


Lil sis was here for a month. Other than a few days that I had to work I basically just stayed home and be the elder sis. We prepared meals together, did laundry, loitered in the nursery picking plants for my yard, had countless TV time and did some fun traveling. It's been a while since I got to spend that much time with my only sister and I feel completely rejuvenated now. Time for some fire edits!