Personal Projects

Vincent // Gentle Man // Kansas City


I rarely photograph men, except my husband and only  when I worked on some personal projects. When Vincent and I connected, his look inspired me to do a gentle man concept shoot. My inspiration came from some male artists (Example: Jang Geun Suk and J-pink) that posses both musculine and feminine characters, and the soft quality it's something that I would like to capture in guys, as a women photographer. So I pitched the concept to Vincent and we proceed to meeting and hunting for outfits and heels. At that point, I had no idea how the pictures would turn out but that's the fun of doing a concept shoot, you will be surprised by the unknowns! 

I love love love all the final images, love both his soft curly hair look and edgy look in the heels. I'd like to thank Vincent for his openness and my talented hair and makeup artist friend Kat for doing his hair and makeup. Ideas wouldn't come to fruition without collaboration between different talents! Now it's time for me to work on another personal project. :)