Frilly tulle skirt ideas


EeeeK! I ordered this frilly tulle skirt from Zara and it's going back to Malaysia with me for the boudoir and beauty photoshoot! I like to pamper my clients, I often buy outfits for shoots so that my ladies have more wardrobe choices. So this skirt, I think, will make a statement if you match it with some bold sexy tops; It can also be cute and fun if you choose to go for that crop top messy bun look; I also like it when paired with a slouchy drop-shoulder knitwear as it will give you a feminine look with a subtle hint of sexiness. 

So happened YX was stuck in Georgia yesterday so I had the whole night to myself to come up with some ideas on how you could wear this frilly tulle skirt. (If you have snapchat, check me out at sandihong, I actually had a quite lonely, sympathetic night.)

When planning for outfits, it's important that you know you do not need 20 pieces of outfits for 3 looks that you are doing. You only need a few essential pieces, then swap them out one at a time for a new look. That way your pictures will have similar mood.  Have fun planning!