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Hey, chew on this pretty


Okay so last week on my social media accounts I posted this picture and asked you to help me pick your favorite place for photos because I couldn't decide on it myself. I originally wanted to pick just one but I ended up loving two. I think that's justified since I had quite a few evil friends that suggested multiple ones too.

My final choices were 2 and 4. I liked 2 for its decor, and much needed sophistication for photos. I liked 4 because of its giant windows, I ruff light, lot's of natural light! So I started to contact the owners. Results? Owner of 2 will be out of town therefore he declined. 4? Got booked the night before! Bummer! So I prayed to the old gods and the new (still doing Game of Thrones marathon so forgive me for all the references :p) to find a place that looks as similar to 2 and 4. At that point of time I still would not consider 1 and 3 because 2 and 4 were what I wanted! Stubborn like a goat...

After two days of searching, my wish was granted! I found a space similar to 2, so similar that I think they had the same designer. So I bit my lips and have it BOOKED! 

It's a place to die for. The decor, the possibility, the comfort, the convenient access to food (There is a hawker center nearby according to my little birds' whispers). Sauna, pool, gym, I imagine that will be helpful after a busy day. Juliet, my BFF will be joining me for a sleepover. It's so perfect. I am done worrying. For now. Off to finish the rest of Game of Thrones Season 6 !