Fired up


Lil sis was here for a month. Other than a few days that I had to work I basically just stayed home and be the elder sis. We prepared meals together, did laundry, loitered in the nursery picking plants for my yard, had countless TV time and did some fun traveling. It's been a while since I got to spend that much time with my only sister and I feel completely rejuvenated now. Time for some fire edits!



The door is opened


A few close friends who watched me grow professionally told me that I don't stick to the same photography style. Yes, I often change my style depending on what’s inspiring me and what my clients need, and I think that's a good thing because we should open to positive changes. When I was in my 20+ and started doing boudoir photography I was all about the bright, beauty and cute boudoir photos. Coming from a conservative culture, being able to declare myself a boudoir photographer was a big achievement.  I couldn't picture myself doing any dark, sensual photos. Asking another woman to pose sensually? you must be kidding me. And I didn’t quite like the images I saw online, they looked a little too cheesy or some even horrific to my taste. Therefore my pictures have always been bright, classy, elegant. I wanted everybody to be comfortable with my work.

I have remained the same for most part, avoiding explicit work. However the longer I am in the industry the more I started to appreciate sexier, darker and sensual photos. That’s partly because I have seen enough work to be able to tell good photos from bad ones. The very good ones are so splendiferously done and are indeed an art of its own. I loved those photos as they are work that I am incapable of producing, I started following some of the great photographers, and often revisited their pages for inspiration and ideas. To me I was peeking through the key hole to a world that I didn’t feel comfortable stepping into. I had the desire to open the door but doubted my own knowledge and skills.

Turning 30+ now, I have become more mature and appreciate women’s body more than ever before. I take pride in photographing women from all walks of life, in different shapes and sizes. The greatest thing I have learned is that women who love themselves, their bodies, should be able to choose what photos they want for themselves. Clothed or not should not matter.  

I think maturity cured my vulnerability towards body. Exposing to more fine art photos made this trial a feasible one. I felt ready to explore a new style, I made a call for dark sensual photos, and women responded.

These pictures were done in my 10” x 10” makeup room with just a simple setup of a daybed, white sheets, a window, a lovely lady and some deep house music that I really love. I actually chose to ‘lock’ myself and her in the room instead of using my main and much bigger studio area so that we could have an intimate setting with the right mood. It was amazing how smooth this whole thing went, like I have done it many times prior already. I kept myself controlled and focused, and made her feel at ease.

The result took my breath away, they are exactly what I dream to do. All my doubts are now cleared. I have faced my vulnerability and it’s so liberating. I finally opened the door and can now breath the air that was previously foreign to me. I find this side as beautiful as where I was used to be in, just in a different way.

I am happy as a woman and as a photographer for having learned things that I wouldn’t have if I did not keep an open mind. Starting from now if any client come to me and wanting some dark boudoir photos like this I can proudly tell her LET'S DO IT! Nothing should prevent something so beautiful like a woman's body from being documented.

*When doing photography of this nature, your privacy is of utmost importance to me and you will be protected like how I would protect myself. Contact me if you have any questions.