Dahling in a dahling

It’s Sunday.  We woke up at 11 o’clock feeling all blessed from the eventful day before. Friends helped celebrate Yong 32nd birthday and I got a mini baby shower. We partied until the sun went down and moon came up.

It was also the 37th week of my pregnancy, time to have my belly documented for the one last time. Yong pretty much played along to everything I requested ever since I got pregnant. He would make me breakfast before he went to work, gave me long massage, helped with laundry and dishes, basically anything that would make my pregnancy more enjoyable.

I put on makeup and gave my straight hair little curls. By the time I got done, Yong was already waiting with the camera. We spent the next hour photographing in our bedroom.  It was going to be where the baby girl will spend her nights after she was born. We will make many good memories here. Yong photographed me swiftly like he knew what I was envisioning. And he did great. Everything was perfect just like how I would have done it myself.

Little girl came seven days after our spontaneous photo session. So glad that we took the images.