Good morning dahling

It was a beautiful morning. Sun was shining into the bedroom through the orange leaves, soaking the room with soft, warm color. She opened the window gently, took a deep breath. The air smelled of pumpkin pie, cinnamon and sugar. She could feel the cool breeze on her face, in her nostrils and lung. Autumn was finally here. She was going to marry her best friend in just a few weeks. The thought of starting a new family and sharing life together put a sweet smile on her face. Ohh, but first she needed to get through the wedding. At the beginning time had scrawled like a snail but lately it flew like a bird as the wedding date drew close. She suddenly worried about how cold was it going to be on her wedding day? Would there be any outdoor heaters? She wanted to call to find out. Soon she thought how silly to worry about the weather when it was few weeks away. Relax. She said to herself. It was going to be the best day of her life no matter what happened. She shook off all the thoughts and enjoyed the coffee in her new mug, just got cozy in that beautiful morning.