Ms. J.

I teared up when I saw the images because I never thought I would be able to see myself confident in front of the camera like that. It was such a great experience to see that I could love me for who I am! I used to be so insecure and camera shy and still struggle with my self image but the process helped me see and all my flaws as beautiful and unique!


Sandy was great to work with and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone! She is very responsive and got me in on super short notice!

She does beautiful work! She helped direct me and guide me through the shoot which I am so thankful for because It helped me feel more comfortable with something that is totally not my normal.

I did the photos as a gift for my husband and Sandy was gracious enough to let me keep the photos private between my husband and I, but I want people to know how truly kind and talented she is! I am so glad I found her and was able to give my husband these boudoir shots! He loved it!


Ms A.

I never had any intention of doing a boudoir shoot. I thought it would be weird and awkward, having someone take picture of you at your most vulnerable and then having to look at the photos later and see all of your flaws spread out in photo-format. My fiancé had suggested to me a long time ago that boudoir photos were such a beautiful thing to have, so against my better judgement I decided to search for a photographer to present this as a wedding gift. I was worried that the photos would look cheap and cheesy, that I would look fake, pretending to be something that I wasn't, trying to model lingerie that belonged on a model. I was pale and actually gained some weight in the last year after switching to night shifts, and was afraid of how the photos would look.

But I have never been more wrong in my life.

Working with Sandy was incredible. The entire experience made me feel like a supermodel. We created a pinterest board together so she understood what I idealized in boudoir photos, and the style I was looking for. On the day of, she welcomed me into her beautiful home with a spread of juice and snacks, and I had my hair and makeup done professionally in her classy dressing room. She made me feel so comfortable and confident the entire day, and was continuously adjusting the angle of my face or hands, adjusting everything so that I knew it would be flattering. There is just something so reassuring about having a photographer that knows what your best angles are, since clearly I don't! Sandy took the time to play around with several versions of the same idea, to get the best shot, and very quickly into the photo shoot I started to have confidence that I was going to love my pictures.

Reveal day was something I could not have predicted. Every single picture I turned over seemed like a model, like some beautiful other person I never met. It is a rarity for women nowadays to feel comfortable in their own skin, and a miracle for them to feel absolutely stunning in it. Sandy did all of that and beyond, I can't even describe how surprised and I happy I have been with the entire experience. In the end, I had a hard time selecting the photos to include in my photo book and prints, because I loved them all so much. I initiated this shoot as a gift, however I think it honestly was a gift to myself too.


Ms M.

I think every woman should do this for themselves at least once in their lives. It is empowering, challenging and magical. We forget what beautiful creatures we are.


Miss J

It is a fantastic day of indulging that will make you feel powerful and sexy. The experience will increase you confidence and best part, you get photos to match.


Ms J.

I had the luxury of working with Sandy from Sandy Hong photography and wanted to give real and honest feedback about the experience.

First let me start by saying - I am not a model. I am 30, a mom and a wife. I no longer have that body that I did once in my 20's there's loose skin, stretch marks, and some sagging. I do own my own fitness business, but I have come to realize that no ones body is ever going to be perfect. I have insecurities. I don't wear makeup and forget about doing my hair. I am also super conservative as is my husband. But I was curious and wanted to have some pictures of me for myself - just for me - not family pictures, something fun.

When I first met Sandy she was embracing, it was like I had known her my whole life. Her studio made me feel very comfortable, it felt like a piece of my own home. My first interactions with her were on email and pintrest. We both pinned some ideas for the boudoir shoot. She was very kind and asked me to look around my home for some of the similar clothing items that we would be using. I didn't have exacts but I had some close matches to some of the ideas (there was more than one option). Picking out pinned ideas was fun - she made it fun by sending me ideas that she thought would fit me. Sandy also put together a lovely timeline - this timeline was great because it helped me know what to expect at different times.

The day of the shoot, when I arrived to Sandy's studio - it was really comfortable as soon as I walked in the door the studio was beautiful, with candles and ambiance. She had arranged snacks, a place for me to store my clothes so we could go through them. Sandy was calm and very inviting. I truly felt like a model (huge change from walking in the door, with a toddler). She greeted me introduced me to everyone and showed me to where my makeup and hair would be done. The makeup and hair felt like pampering, I had never been to a salon to have makeup and hair done, but it was very glamorous.

The actual shoot - I could tell that Sandy had gone to great lengths for this shoot making sure that she had the props that would compliment me the best and making sure that the backdrops would flatter me. Sandy explained exactly how to position my body to flatter my shape during the photos, she even helped me a little. When I had a little bit of skin hanging out where it wasn't supposed to be she tucked me in a little, when too much was showing in one place she fixed it. She showed me how to "laugh just with my eyes."

The shoot was a lot of fun. I went in a little hesitant, but soon realized that I could trust Sandy to flatter me and make me look great in these pictures. She took the time to get to know me and know what I was looking for, all I had to do was trust her to make average old me super fab and glamorous. Don't believe me? See for yourself in my pictures, the before and after are astonishing. Trust in Sandy and she won't steer you wrong. I am happy to give her an excellent reference.


Miss J.


I nervously visited with Sandy in hopes of attaining photos for a new business venture. Initially, I came across her website while researching local photographers and fell in love with her ability to capture the essence of the women I saw.

Prior to our shoot, she helped me with outfit color choices and even purchased a background to coincide with my logo color. She was extremely prepared and confident in her ability, which I needed at the time. The day of the actual shoot, I was extremely nervous. I do not consider myself photogenic and/or natural in front of the camera, at all! I also had my 8 year old daughter with me for the day because I wanted some photos with her as well. Sandy made us feel right at home and made for a wonderful girls' day. She had prepared vegan snacks just for us, which I thought was incredibly nice and thoughtful. She took her time with us and was very patient with my inability to be natural in front of the camera.

Post-shoot, she was accommodative to my vision, listened to my feedback and brought the vision to life. She even surprised me with a video, which brought tears to my eyes when viewing it!

I highly recommend Sandy Hong Photography and look forward to utilizing her services in the future! Can't thank you enough.


Miss C.

I never considered myself a photogenic person, but Sandy proved me wrong. I’ve always shied away from pictures. This is something my mom encouraged me to do, something she regrets not doing when she was young. So I decided to have these beauty portraits done as a gift to myself. When I first saw my portraits they took my breath away. I was literally holding back tears when I saw them. I NEVER saw myself in this light before…and that is beautiful and strong. This world is so harsh on women, we’re always made to think we are never good enough. But I must say, after my photo session with Sandy, I have a new found respect for myself.

Overall, I want to say Sandy is a highly talented photographer. Her work is high quality. My portraits look like the real me, which is something I value in a photographer. I am extremely happy with my portraits and I feel working with Sandy is worth the investment. I was impressed with the whole experience. Sandy helped me with outfit choices, she posed me in very flattering poses, she took time in perfecting the poses, the turnaround was excellent, the reveal session was exciting, and the level of service she provided was exceptional. The whole experience was very positive and enjoyable.

Thank you so much Sandy for the stunning portraits and making me feel gorgeous! And above all, thank you for capturing the real me!


Ms T.

I have thought for way too long what to say - simply because no words can accurately describe how amazing working with you was. I have always like boudoir photography and thought it'd be a great thing to do, but feeling comfortable enough in my skin to be that vulnerable with a stranger is nerve wrecking. When I got engaged I couldn't even do it despite wanting to have it as a wedding gift to my husband... I cannot tell you how many photographers I looked up and how many times I told myself "once I fix x, then I will"... almost 3 yrs passed before I found you - and I am so happy I did! Thank you for helping me give the gift I wanted to as an anniversary gift - even with me finding you so close to the date! I appreciate all your time and work beyond words. Not only was it a great gift for him but it was freeing to me! I was surprised how quickly I felt ok about it all - you have a great way of making an awkward situation comfortable. I would certainly recommend you to anyone!!


Miss O.

Sandy is absolutely amazing! She worked with me, not only by taking AMAZING pictures but by helping with outfit choices, posing me in ways that would compliment me individually and really just making the photoshoot fun! She went ABOVE and BEYOND my expectations and I can't wait to reveal my Sandy Hong headshot this fall when I compete at Miss Missouri Teen USA. This testimonial doesn't even begin to describe how great and helpful Sandy is as a photographer! I would recommend her with a 6 out of 5 star rating!


Ms E.

I am a full-time mom, part-time nurse, and watch other children on my days off so as you can imagine, I don't have a lot of free time nor do I do things for myself very often. I have struggled all my life with my pear figure and never even thought I could look beautiful in pictures. Sandy changed my mind and gave me something no one else could, self confidence. Not only did she have the knowledge what would look good on me and what pose to put me in, she worked with me, made me feel comfortable and made me look and feel beautiful. I loved my photo shoot and pictures. Thank you so much Sandy!


Ms G.

Sandy’s beautiful photography documented my journey to motherhood. Being 8-month pregnant, I was very self-conscious about my changing body and felt skittish about having my photos taken, especially in lingerie. I was apprehensive about the photo shoot, convinced that I would look fat and ugly and that the process would be embarrassing, if not stressful. It turned out to be quite the opposite. The actual photo shoot was relaxing and fun and the results were beyond great. My husband and I were so happy with the photos that we decided to use Sandy again for our son’s newborn portrait. Again, she delivered absolutely incredible photos. She perfectly captured those moments of tenderness, warmth, and joy and created memories that we shall cherish for a lifetime. Working with Sandy was fun and an absolute pleasure! Not only is she creative, you can tell she is very passionate about what she does. The quality of the end products are beyond amazing and we couldn’t be more pleased with them. Thank you so much, Sandy!


Miss S.

Working with Sandy was such an enjoyable and exciting experience. Sandy Hong is incredibly passionate about her profession and about producing beautiful photography. She makes the client feel so welcome into her studio, is always working on developing her brand, and has an eye like no one I have met before. She produces absolutely stunning work, and I am so happy to have had the opportunity to shoot with her. Sandy goes the extra mile to make sure the client feels comfortable. She helps guide the client through the whole process. As a health and fitness professional, I would recommend Sandy to any of my peers/clients interested in professional photography services. I look forward to shooting with Sandy again in the future. Great person, great talents, stunning photography.


Miss S.

What an experience! I had no idea what to expect from this session with Sandy since this was my first professional photography session. She is a true visionary! Not to mention hilarious and completely comfortable to be around. Considering this was for boudoir and I was gonna be posing in my lingerie, it was a nice touch for her to dress to compliment the theme as well. The quality was incredibly classy and of the highest quality. You can certainly tell she is passionate about what she does when you see the end result. Well heck... Even during the photo session! This woman is a genius! I look forward to using her again. Every woman should treat themselves to this. It was incredibly therapeutic and eye opening. Learn to love yourself the way you are now because you'll look back in 10 years wishing you had. That was my motivation.

Thank you Sandy! I'm all smiles!


Ms K.

I'm a curvier woman and was very nervous to do a boudoir photoshoot, but really wanted to for my husband. From the very first meeting Sandy made me feel comfortable. During the shoot she was conscious about which angle worked best to hide the areas I needed hid. I have never felt more beautiful in my own skin as I did in these photos. Best photoshoot experience I've ever had!!! I will definitely refer all my friends and family members!



Being a curvy woman, I had my reservations about participating in a boudoir photo shoot. I was worried about my "imperfections": my tummy bulge, my love handles, my flabby arms. I was determined to go forward and do it anyway, in hopes it would boost my self-confidence level - and it did!!

Working with Sandy to create these images was a great experience. I felt comfortable and confident throughout my photo shoot. Sandy was great at doing her job - to make me look fabulous through posing and lighting techniques.

Modeling was tough work, but I love the end result. I would highly recommend a boudoir shoot with Sandy to any woman; everyone deserves to be a model for a day and to have fantastic, memorable, sexy images. Thank you, thank you!


Ms G.

Wow! Working with Sandy was such a fantastic experience. She was extremely professional, organized, and is amazing behind the camera. I did a maternity boudoir session with her and was somewhat nervous because I had never done anything like that before and not to mention being 7 months pregnant but her work turned out amazing and my husband absolutely loved his early Valentine's Day gift! I definitely recommend Sandy to anyone- she will not disappoint!!


Ms K.

Working with Sandy produced some of the most beautiful photos I've ever seen of myself. She made me feel comfortable and confident. Sandy is highly skilled at bringing out your best features and making you feel gorgeous!